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Please pray...

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My wife and I are expecting our second child and first son this December. We had an ultrasound done yesterday, 6-6-6, and discovered a problem. He diagnosed him with a condition called Omphalalocele. Basically not all the organs in the lower body formed inside the body cavity. Some of them are enclosed in this sack that is protruding from the belly. The cord is attached to this sack instead of directly to the body. There are numerous serious complications with this condition and pray that none come up. If this is the only problem it can be repaired after birth. In 3 weeks we will have more answers but this is what we know for now. Just keep my wife and I in your prayers.... Have to give it to God at this point.

To top the morning off I went to my truck after leaving the doc's and found my truck broken into with several things missing. Not a good Tuesday for us!

Thanks again,

Mike and Liz
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my thoughts and prayers are with you, your wife, and the precious baby!

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