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I just got off of the phone with Capt. Steve Coffee. Capt. Coffee is great people and I personally have alot of love for him. I know alot of you feel the same way and he wanted everyone to know about the bad news he recently received.

Brother Coffee has been diagnosed with colon cancer. It is in the early stages and my man is gonna be fine. But he is gonna be down for a while. A long while. Please take the time to say a prayer for him and his family. We all know the benefits packages these guides have are usually slim and none.

I for one am not ashamed to say, "I love you, man" and it's all gonna be good. Because it's true!

Thanks In Advance


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He's got em,

I'm guessing that is the reason for the message he left on my phone today. Preying for a speedy recovery, and for him to get back on the water soon.

I hope he's going to M.D. Anderson, I for one can attest for there professionalism and knowledge of cancer. I did some time up there a year and a half ago and they make it a little easier to digest. Lucky for me it came out in good note so I hope his does also.


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hang in there capt! lots of special prayers are going up for you! prayer chains are very powerful, and work. please let us know if you need anything. there are lots of us here that are available. GOD BLESS!

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