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Due to weather reports on Thursday 2 teams decided not to shoot and we tried to contact the other 2 teams.

Part of Team Rehab (Jasen, Shane and I) with the addition of Troy came along for the ride and to dive, too. We went out Friday early afternoon for a "short" Snapper run. We went out around 45 miles and decided to make a couple of dives. After surfacing with 8 lb - 10 lb fish we decided why not go further out. So we ended up about 70 - 80 out. The fish were plentiful. Troy and Shane made a dive and surfaced with a ling and a couple of Snapper. Jasen and I made the next dive and didn't see anything so we called our dive and moved to the next spot. We arrived shortly to the next dive location and hopped in. Jasen and I had only about 2000 psi in our tanks so we figured we'd make a relatively short dive. We descended and I shot a nice Snapper which turned out to be the baby there. Jasen shot a BIG Grouper and fought it for several minutes until his shaft popped out of the slider and he lost it. Needless to say Jasen is still a little bummed about that one. I saw a decent ling but with 500psi left and time to ascend I figured why not pass this one up. We had a fun ride back to the shore drinking a few cold ones and joking around. Some had more fun than others, Troy might be permanantly mentally scarred from the ride back.... We arrived at the dock around 11:00pm and hauled butt to Chili's. We went home and passed out for around 4 hours.
The next morning we got up and headed out again with Jasen, Shane, Mike and I. Adam couldn't make it due to the sneaky goblins running off with his wallet. We had lost our drain plug for the transom bracket and West Marine opened 15 minutes early to help us out. Unfortunately, they didn't have the size we needed so after some quick Mcguiver work by Shane with a little assistance from me (damage control) we were heading out. The seas were nice and Jasens boat performed flawlessly (even the mcguiver plug worked out). We arrived at our destination and hopped in for the dive. This time Jasen and I dived 1st. The vis' was GREAT and we got down to around 120' and a good sized AJ came up to me to and I decided to shoot him. My Riffe was right on the location I planned. I figured out exactly where NOT TO SHOOT an AJ. I thought he was stoned and swam up to him on his side. Suddenly he came back to life and dragged me down, up and sideways. The whole time I was kicking my tail off. I grabbed the AJ several times and tried to kindly remove his gills but he wasn't very happy with me for that and twisted me up. After I burned up about 1500#'s of my air and got him under control I ascended to around 60'. I had noticed my BC inflator hose had been pulled off of my BC but I didn't want to try to fix it underwater. I saw another descent ling but decided to let him live and maybe Jasen would nail him. Jasen shot himself a good sized AJ, too. Unlike my excellent shot he actually did stone the AJ. He was shooting Adams Riffe since his Gulf Magnum was down for the count (hmmm, thought I'd throw that in Jasen). Mike and Shane made the next dive and came up with some nice Snapper. On our surface interval we got into some nice Blackfin TUNA. It was an awesome experience having all four of us on fish at the same time. Jasen got a really nice Dolphin and we got a few smaller ones. It was getting late so we made 2 extra dives and didn't shoot much. We got in about 9:00 and it was boat cleaning time. Sunday morning we got up and headed to the weigh-in because we were un able to contact several people in the tournament. We were there till about 11:30 with only Steele showing up. We decided to go clean some fish. We cleaned for around 20 minutes and then Jasen pulled out the TUNA. I decided to cut mu\y hand on the back of the big nasty filet knife and got myself 7 stitches. Oh well, no diving for at least 2 weeks. Our final fish count was:

1 Ling 21#'s
2 AJ 49.5 and 48.5 #'s
8 Red Snapper largest 15.8 #'s and smallest 8.4 #'s
7 Dogtooth Snapper 12#'s - 6 #'s
5 Tuna
3 Dolphin

It was an AWESOME weekend. I am looking forward to the Spear Master Tournament in August!

Craig Shannon

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Killer couple of days!

Sux about your hand though. Sorry I didn't meet up with you guys at the spillway, I was looking forward to knocking a few back. I passed out for about 14 hours after that ordeal. Didn't sleep the night before preparing the boat. Glad I did too. Considering we had 6 guys and 12 tanks, you almost couldn't tell.

We all had a friggin blast too. Next time for sure.

We'll holler at ya in da fewchah!
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