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The high banks is a good bet for some shark and trout action. From the 17 mile marker to the 25 mile marker. This area is known for its crazy currents and can stir bait fish up. This area has alot of shell deposit so you may end up losing alot of tackle but, the "devils elbow" as it is called sometimes can hold alot of fish. Sometimes this is as far as you have to drive. But, its always nice to take the drive all the way down to the jetties. Try and plan your trip when you have a big tidal difference. Like around a new moon or a full moon. These days will take the tide way out giving you a chance to drive all the way down to the jetties in no time at all on Low tide.

I will be making a trip August 7th for my bachelor weekend party on the Beach.

Beginning of August brings in the rain minnows and you will start to see the skipjack thorwing bait all up and down the beach. You may even start to see Tarpon. There is a good bet you will see a Tarpon in August at the jetties.
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