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Review, a companion to my SAR 1..LLAMA 45 ACP Review:

LLAMA Maxi 45L/F

While the parts are not interchangeable with the Colt,this is a knock of the basic issued 1911A 1.

For example, the holes on the grip do not line up like the Colt. I will have a drill them to mount a set of Pachmire wrap arounds.

This gun was a pawn shop orphan with a serial number showing it was made in 2001.

However, some Bubba had removed 99% of the finsh and it had some surface rust was able to get it a good price.

I cleaned it, oiled it up, bought a box of Remmington ball ammo and headed for the range.

It shot flawlessly. I shot up the box of 50 rounds without a miss fire nor a jam.

Accuracy was about the same as the issued 1911A1.

As I recall I had an Allied Singal .45 in the Army and did well to hit the target with it. I was not much of a shot.

At 30 yards however I did a little better this weekend.

I was shooting at some ones left up rifle target and hit it most times several inches under the black. The most shots printed horizontally about 9 inches in width for the most part.
The rest were low on the wood.

Not to bad for plinking with an off hand standing grip and my diabetic eyes and dimestore reading glasses. I have not fired on in 30 or more years.

I set about looking for a gun smith to price a rebluing job, there was but one in the area I have located thus far and he wanted an investment in the job that made the gun no longer such a bargain.

I tried it myself with a cold bluing kit.

I followed the directions closely. I have tried these in the past with not so impressive results but this did a great job. Once left overnight to cure ( I warmed the gun then oilded it) It had a deep rich blue black semi gloss finish with no noticeable blems or light spots. I will see how well the blue remains on the piece with normal wear.

All in all I like this gun as a shooter.

It is not a gun to build or customize a 1911 from, the frame will not lend it's self to that but as a plinker and a fun gun or for the guy who wants a .45 and is on a tight budget, this is a good choice, new or used.

See their web site at http://bersa-llama.com/ for thier current offerings.

My opinion is they are better made that most SARs and knockoff FALs that I have seen.

With someprctice I should see much better accurcy, we are both caplable of it I am sure.
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