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Piper has been Sighted

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Got a call from one of neighbors up near Zavalla and they have seen our lost dog Piper. My wife Chris is on her way up there as I type this. Please send us a little prayer that it is really her and she is well.

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Piper Update

Piper is now home and very happy! She is in great health thanks to one of our East TX neighbors. They had been feeding her since Tuesday and had just seen the flyers Thursday evening.

I want to thank each of you for your prayers and well wishes. I also want to send special big thanks to the East TX 2coolers that went out of your way to look for her.

Would have posted this earlier but our Internet connection is still down at the house (*%#*#%* Roadrunner). I came to my office today to check up on things and let everyone hear the good news.

Thanks Again
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