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Here is a brief report for last week. Bucket, Lucky Ed, Becky, Sherry,Kim, and me spent a week on PINS and Mustang. We moved all over trying to find fishable water, not much luck. Wind, weed, everyday, everyspot. The water on Mustang looked like HI, sandy, ugly. The water on PINS from the 15 south looked OK but was FULL OF WEED. Ed got a big ray on the Port-A N Jetty, we had 2 hook-ups on the N Jetty, but both cut on the rocks. Ed caught that big Ray on a Sabiki Bait catching jig set on a Zebco 33, LOL! It took him an hour to land the foul hooked ray. Some big trout, but not much else caught on the N Jetty. Some reds from the S Jetty on outgoing tide. Overall-WINDY-WEEDY-Off COLOR WATER. We had a great time anyway. Can't wait to get back on the sand.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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