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Me and Tiburon headed down the beach in hope for some top water action and maybe a shark or two. We got a late start, but the driving was good and we made good time. There was a lot of washed up debree and a small amount of seaweed. We worked our way down South with no luck until around the 30mm. Tiburon landed one slot red, and we had a couple other blowups. We continued down south in hope of more action, but the water conditions got worse the further south. We decided to head back to the only spot we had any action, and it turned out to be a good idea. Tiburon hooked up with a 20 inch trout as soon as we got back to the spot. The action wasnt fast, but at least there was some action. We ended up with 4 trout, 1 redfish, 1 pompano, some big whiting, and one monster skipjack. I ran a shark bait out with no luck. It looked like there might have been some pups chewing on the bait when I brought it in. We also had some excitement in the wade gut. I threw a small whiting out alive in the wade gut to see if it would draw anything in. About 20 minutes later Tiburons 555 went off as we saw splashes in the wade gut and the fish quickly headed out towards deeper water. It made a couple quick turns back and forth in the first gut and it was gone. I guess we will never know... tarpon? giant trout? little tunny? Oh well, we caught a few fish and had a lot of fun.


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