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Well, I was going to post this earlier but it was all I could do just to drag myself to class yesterday so here goes...

We hit the sand just before sun-up on Sat. morning and found some really nice conditions and a virtually flat surf. We're making our way through the High Banks when Gill Ripper notices some "nervous water" just over the first bar... Masonator, Gill Ripper, Jose and I get out there and start hooking up on skips and spanish macks, meanwhile Jose and Masonator have gone back to trucks and grabbed the cast nets and get a few smaller mullets... Masonator even reported seeing a few Jacks just over the first bar but that would be all we saw of them all weekend. We had plenty of bait so we make it down to around the 36MM and set up, noticing that on the way down, the wind was really picking up and so was the surf.

Gill Ripper and Masonator each run out a 9/0 and within 15 min., Gill Ripper's 9/0 starts singin'... he gets to the rod, puts tension on the circle hooks and then it drops the bait. Another 5 min. goes by and BAM... Masonator's 9/0 starts singin' too but ended with the same story of a dropped bait. We got two more good runs after those two, all with dropped baits. By this time, the surf, wind, AND current have really picked up and all the baits we deploy are getting dragged northwards and toward the sand within a few minutes... OK, so we bust out the big weights and I decide to take out my 6/0 but the surf had other plans for me... lets just say that I never made it over the second bar and I have a golf ball-sized knot on my head with a left arm that I can still barely move... that kayak really can leave some bumps, let me tell you. After seeing what the surf had done to me, Gill Ripper didn't want anymore that day but amazingly enough, Masonator managed to get not one but two baits into the 3rd gut... BTW, this was my first time fishing with Masonator and he really can handle those kayaks... I thought I was pretty decent of of a kayaker but he made me look like a beginner that day. Anyways, those baits would stay out for a while with no runs but we would end up losing both weights and leaders that we had out.

Well, by some miscommunication, I thought Gill Ripper had quite a few of those "anchor weights" (because he said he did :) )when actually he only had those two that we had lost :? oh well, we made the best of it the rest of the day fishing cut and live mullet just over the first bar catching a few keeper reds.

Sunday I left camp about 6am to pick up another buddy, Doug, and made it back to camp around 9am. Masonator and Gill Ripper reported seeing several rays in the wade gut early in the a.m..... we tried taking baits out but every bait that was deployed by myself, Masonator, or Gill Ripper was quickly brought back to us by the massive current. We decided to make the most of it again and caught several keeper reds while Masonator once again amazed me with his yakkin' skills and headed about 500-600 yards off the beach to fish out of the yak. He reported catching several huge skips and also landed a few small sharpnose sharks ( I think that's what he said they were)... it was hilarious watching him on the yak... you'd see him go way up on the swells and then he would disappear for a good while and go way down. Later that afternoon, Nick from Breakaway picked me and my tow strap up to go pull some guy out of the wet sand... I don't know why he drove so close to the water but it's a good thing that Nick found him cause that truck might still be there. Disappointed that we couldn't keep a line out, we packed it up and headed in. I would just like to say it was a blast fishing with Gill Ripper, Masonator, Jose and Doug and hope we can do it again real soon (maybe next time, Gill Ripper will remember the weights :D )

I have some pics but I still do the dinosaur way of 35mm cameras, then scanning the pics so I'll have to wait till I finish this roll...

Roy out...
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