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November 07, 2018

Pinch Me. It's November!!!!

by Capt Craig Lambert

The speckled trout and redfish fall pattern has begun and in full force. Lower Trinity bay has erupted with spurts of bird activity from Tabbs Bay all the way to the pocket and expect this pattern to only get better. Lots of throwbacks under the birds but there are enough keepers to make it worth your while. For bigger fish look for shorelines, shell humps and shallow flats in that 2-4 ft depth to find hungry speckled trout and redfish.

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All year long I dream of November because there are no bad days this month. I don't care what the weather is or the wind direction. You will catch fish. I do have preferences of course. In my opinion if you want to catch quality fish you must play the weather. Sunny, bluebird, nice days are great for vacationers and rookies but if you truly want to catch quality trout this time of year you have to go when the conditions are right.

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Beautiful Speck!

What do I consider good conditions for speckled trout? Well if I could absolutely pick my days every day would be cloudy or even soupy and misty with a hard wind blowing anywhere from 14 to 20 mph. My favorite wind is a due North wind but Northeast and East winds are really good feeding winds also. Obviously we don't see these winds right before fronts when it is typically SE or SW. These winds and the best feeding conditions for bigger trout are the days during and after a front when rain, clouds and fog dominate during early season frontal passages like we are experiencing now. So lose that summer pattern thinking and start looking forward to the nastier weather when the bigger fish will feed on que.

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Good Day of Pounding Flatties!

The flounder will be flushed out of the marshes on this next blast and are and will be stacking up in Galveston and Bolivar. Look for them in their usual places along the Galveston ship channel with Sea Wolf Park being the best and most popular/crowded spot. Flounder season offers an excellent shot for the beginner fishermen to go out and hammer a hard fighting and delicious fish. The great thing about flounder is you really do not need to mess with live bait at all. Any soft plastic or spoon hopped along the bottom will work but I think a Berkley Gulp is by far the best bait for floundering. You don't need a big fancy boat or a trolling motor or any high dollar GPS/Sonar units. A boat (that floats), an anchor and a pole in everyone's hand and you are probably going to catch a few flounder. Typically areas where there are depth changes and structure like rocks or bulkheads are areas to target. A heavier jighead like a 3/8 OZ is what I use to make sure and keep the bait on or near the bottom. If you have not tried it before you are missing out on some of the most exciting and the funnest fishing of the year.

Have fun be safe and always take a kid fishing!!!

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