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Piggy Perch Traps

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Do any of yall use piggy perch traps to catch live bait for offshore trips? I'm thinking about buying one and wondered how good they actually work. I have used minnow traps in fresh water and never had that much success with them. Any brands or models that have been success for yall would be appreciated. I've looked at several styles and I know I could built my own but it would probably be easier to just buy one for 30 bucks. Thanks in advance.
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Yes, they work very well along bulkheads. Morning and evening seem to be the best. Do not buy the academy ones--no good. Goto Marburgers( if its still called that). I bait them with spanish sardines and have no problems filling up a trap.
Can have a blast on a light rod with perch hook and cut squid...we caught a bundle of them before our outing with James Howell and the AJ's loved them. Thank God we had them along.
dbar6488 said:
AJ's loved them
So do snapper, ling and dorado!!!
Ditto on the traps. We throw em out hte day before by the boat and get a good dozen by departure. Those AJ's slam em hard.
Live Bait = Good Fish

I know that good livies = fish offshore and I go about getting them like everyone else (castnet, rod n reel around the docks weedlines and rigs). I do allot of weekend trips to Matagorda, Freeport and soon to be Port A where I stay on the water. Just wondering if I can save myself some work by setting a trap out overnight baited with squid, shrimp, crushed crab, etc. I've never used them and don't want to buy one if I'm going to leave it out for a day and have two piggies in it.

If you leave it out for a day and your "bait" is all gone and only a few piggies in the trap, they have left the trap. With that kind of bait you should be able to fill a trap with 2 dozen piggies in an hour or two. Also, piggies hide at night so best catching is during the morning and evening.
i use to go on the day before a trip use a dink hook bits of squid r shrimp catch em and find you a place to keep em(without gettin ripped off) in a couple 5 gal buckets with holes in em and pick em up next day put em in a live well for transport to the boat! i use to take them to the partyboat and give the deckhands 10-20 bucks to get a live well started! the real advantage to this is the size of the baits youll catch! good luck!
I have some Marathon rigs

very small shrimp, 5 on a line and they are working great. Croaker and piggys seem to love them. I got the rigs at walmart (about $1.50) and so far hold up well but I have only used the a few times. I'm planning to take my daughter down to the water in the afternoon the day before I set out to catch the bigger fish. She so far has been able to keep me very busy just removing them as fast as she catches them. I would think a dozen or two in less than a half hour.
Pinfish Trap

I use one all the time. I fish out of Matagorda and usually set mine out the day before and it is usually full by the next morning. I bait mine with some dead shrimp and it works well. Place it by some pilings or docks and you should have not problem catching some. I set mine out next to my boat lift in the Matagorda Harbour.
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