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Speaking Of Toys....

...all these years I've had a great friend, Carl Hess, who works at Oak Ridge and his wife is a pharmacist. He has so many toys. BMW motorcycle, humongous telescope, money to buy all the things you can imagine. His wife (they have two kids, one 14 and one 3 years) has been into weight lifting, bought a set of big bass bongo type drums wanting to start professional lessons, a new Triumph motorcycle (doesn't know how to ride it) all the toys in the world for the kids....and then all of a sudden.....Barbara runs off with another man two weeks ago.....can we say earthquake?? Devastated is the only word that describes Carl tonight. I am beside myself personally. 18 years of marriage, work, schooling and nonstop trying just to get up that hill is all down the drain. Geeze. Please share in a prayer for them both in Tennessee.

I wonder sometimes what everybody who has no consideration for God up until now is looking for through a telescope? Thanks, CF?
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