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Just a few days left in this month's photo contest so grab you camera and get to shooting.

Check out the pics entered on the Photo forum.

Here's an excerpt from Cutter's post.

We have chosen the topic of Candid Sports Photos for this month.

Any non-posed, sports photo is legal. The photo can contain action, it can portray emotion, it can show intensity, it can be high fives, it can be laughter at the water cooler, or anything that shows sporting activity. Feel free to be creative, and most of all, shoot the camera when presented the opportunity.

A couple of tips to consider: (there are no absolutes in photography)
When selecting a photo candidate, pay attention to your subject (expressions, intensity, emotion), clarity, and the sharpness of the photo. Also consider cropping in tighter to bring the action in close if you you have enough extra pixels to do so (but dont sacrifice clarity).

Here are the rules.
1.) The photo must be your's or your family's
2.) Submit one photo per person.
3.) Submit the photo to this thread.
4.) Keep the photo less than 640 pixels wide so that we dont have to scroll.

If you have some honorable mentions or if you want everyone's opinion on some photos before you submit, fire up a separate thread and share the out takes and potential entries with us there.

Photo submissions for this month will end on Fri, June 30th, 2006. After that time, we will take 1 week to vote for a favorite. The winner can help choose the next month's theme.
Good luck.
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