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a sow rig, 1ft-2ft long egg weight depending on current, take several 6oz, and 8 oz, try to talk someone outta a live bait after they catch it if possible, ive always laid my baits on bottom, till the big gal runs with it!! my favorite bait is a bluefish or bluerunner head, or very big chunks of it, if you can catch piggies the day before and takem to the boat , tip the deckhands 10-20 bucks to get u a live well going, cigar fish r ok too, i use to fish g, partyboats as a regular, till i got disabled, several times i had a 4 fish limit of an 80 lb stringer, most i ever caught before limits was 16 sows 14 - 24 lbs, no brag jus fact, jimmy james said that!!
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