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Get on the stern...use sow rigs (hook,2' leader of 80# , barrel swivel and a egg weight above the swivel..just enough to get down fast). Start fishing a few cranks off bottom and work your way up to the fish, there is no hard fact as far as where the bigger snapper are...but by using big baits I have found I catch bigger fish. As far as bait use cut bait or find a fish house that sells boston mackeral...they run about 8-10" long, run the hook and line all the way through the eyes and then pin the hook in the back about midway down. Also try drift lines with less or no weight off the stern and have pre-made wire leaders or the kings will shred your rig. And the best tip of all is watch other people and see what they may be using/doing , and be nice to your deckhand.
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