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Now that I got your attention, and if you have worked around RV's, such as a 21Ft. gooseneck camper/travel trl., and may be familiar w/ some pricing......say used campers etc. I need your assistance. My X (from way back) is selling her's. I have not seen it but expecting photos soon. I trust her in what she's telling me so far.
I think she said it was a Prowler, A/C, new tires, queen size bed and other stuff that rolls out to make a rack, stove she has never used, storage ofcourse, toilet area, new microwave installed, in great shape w/ a couple of cosmetic details that may need repaired (whatever that is), table and whatever comes w/ it stock I guess. Has some age. 20 yrs. maybe. She picked it up from someone maybe 2 years ago and only used it twice. Her and her hubby. Both are LAWMEN!!!!
I have to get a hitch installed "properly", for this gooseneck. Best place?? Cost?? I live near the new CUT-RATE store on 45. I gotta an 04 Ford 150 supercrew....4.6L Automatic w/ OD.
She is asking $3400, but to offset the installation for the hitch, she's asking $3200. What do you think? What should I REALLY look at closely inregards to it's condition? Your opinions will be appreciated. Serious ones that is!!! Help.......Ed
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