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Just got back from our ranch up in Wheeler County and had a great week hunting. The rut was on big time all last week and the bucks were running around acting very stupid. I passed this kull because one of the guys that leases our land had his 15 year old grandson coming the next day and he had never shot a buck before so this deer was perfect for him. Waiting on the pic with him holding it to be emailed to me but here are a couple pics of our week i took with my phone.

We have never seen this deer before until he showed up last week. Didn't get all the measurments on him but he was 5.5 yrs old, 18 1/2 inches wide, and 11 and 12 inch G2's, 5 and 6 inch brows. The mass was incredible, couldn't get my fingers around the bases and it carried all the way out.

I didn't get to see him but my dad and cousin and all of our hunters have seen a 180 inch 12 running around but he bedded up when we got there due to all the bird hunting im sure. If someone gets him this season i will post some pics.

Quail hunting (mainly what my family does) was pretty good as well. Several limits each day and the dogs worked great. Bad porky pine problem this year though. It's been at least 10 yrs since we got a dog stuck by one and this year 2 of our dogs got into them. We killed 6 in a week. Probably killed 3 in the last 10 years. Overall a great week but i can live without another speeding trip to the vet, killed me seeing my dogs like that.


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