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Painting Lures

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We've got a bunch of old Ghost lures from The Producers. Since they've gone out of business, we're holding on to them in hopes of restoring them. Our favorite color is the chrome w/ chartreuse head. However, after 4 or 5 redfish, most of the chartreuse and some of the chrome is scratched off. I'd like to be able to touch up the paint but don't know where to find a spray chrome. I'm thinking of dipping the heads into the charteuse. Any help on paint recommendations and locations I can buy them would be great. I'm in Harris County. Thanks!
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I have touched up top dogs with finger nail polish before.
testors paint works fine. You can coat the lures with a thin coat of Devcon II epoxy to protect the paint. Available at Wally World.
Use D.O.T. paint...you can get it @ most Auto Paint Stores....You have to sandblast it to remove it...good stuff..

Thanks for the suggestions....I'll try both methods and see which on works the best.
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