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Fished the surf from lighthouse to the Darlington wreck and past had (2) croker soakers and (2) plastic throwers plastic was best. We lost some tackle to Spanish Macks and sharks and some heads only on the trout.Come back inside about 2:30pm ,i think its called Barroom Bay,fished guts with grass and potholes in it.Started wade had instant action then a shark showed up about 50 to 75 yards behind us blowing fish out of the water,the guys in the boat said it was about 5'or 6' , and shut it down for a few,walked a little more and it was on again,threw mostly tails Hogie's major minnow in roach,after catching alot of fish,I switched tomy new she dog rh,wht,andchrome it was every cast,not all keepers but alot,started catching and releasing fish, it was great day. PLastic out did bait,the guys with the crokers said they caught alot of sharks and rays.We had a full limited of trout (40)and (2)red,I was told while i was there, that West Matty was bad for BIG SHARKS,aka (Greens and Cottens area).Sorry for no pics,short notice on the trip but a good one,any fishing trip is better than working!!!! p.s.it was flt and green.
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