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Clean any grease build-up from the stove, oven & exhaust fan regularly. Cooking grease & oil ignite easily & burn rapidly. Use a lid or bigger pan to smother a small pan fire. Do not use water or flour on a grease fire. It will make the fire bigger. Do not try to carry a burning pan outside or to the sink. You could accidentally spread the fire. Keep a lid, baking soda, or an ABC fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.

Flour is ground wheat... a dry grass like seed. IT BURNS! NEVER use flour to extinguish a grease fire. It is best to keep an ABC fire extinguisher in or very near your kitchen.
If the fire is still small and contained to the frying pan, try using a lid to smother the flames. Baking soda will work, and if nothing else grab the box of salt to smother the flames. Flour will only cause it to flare up and spread rapidly becoming out of control.

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