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I need some help/advice on the motor I have on my boat. The motor needs to be rebuilt. I am looking at buying the components and having a guy help me rebuild it on the side(He is a certified boat mechanic). Here is my question

Where is the best place to buy parts for rebuilding an 1983 Evinrude V6 150, Pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, coils, etc.

I found a place on the internet that sells GLM aftermarket parts. Their prices are very reasonable but I am unsure of the quality.


If there are any boat mechanics out there if they could let me in on the secret suppliers of parts to boat mechanic that would be really cool. Thanks in advance.
Craig Williams

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The best place I know of to get parts for Johnrude motors is Stone & Sons. I don't know if their prices are the best but they will have just about anything you coud ever want. They may have some used parts available that are in fine condition as well.


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I use Acie's outboards and Acie buys his parts at Dockside Marine you can also go to Northshore Marine.

Ranger Bob
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