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I heard you banned 2499 players, won by default LOL j/k
Congrats again.

BTW, if anyone thinks it's easy..bring it

I'm found on pokerstars..so let me know. I can even meet ya on the kiddie tables (I usually play on the 100/200 speed) LOL

Jan has been at the final table many times. It's not luck to make it there, that many times....trust me. That Rooster can play!!

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This thread reminds me of some advise my grandfather
gave me a long time ago. While playing poker look at everyone
at the table. If you can't spot the sucker then your it. I guess
my grandad would have to come up with a new method for playing
on the net. Thank's for jogging my sub-par memory. Later Baker
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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