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Our Frances winds are getting pretty bad

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Grand Bahamas still getting a pounding while Frances lurks off shore.
I was awakened around 4:30 am to pounding on the house. Branches of a huge ficus tree are bending and banging on the roof over Sven's bedroom. There's also occasional banging
on the roof over my bedroom. I find it hard to believe that the Walnut tree could be doing it because it's aways up from the roof.
I opened the door to let my pal Aurthur out. It was funny! When I opened the door, holding the handle, it took me for a ride into the yard. For some reason, at one time, someone installed a front door that's all metal. Looks like steel. But it's SOLID.
The power is likely to go down again soon as these winds grow stronger. We have really experienced anything but feeder bands so far.
One very sad thing. When Eric went to the store yesterday he left his computer running. He has a beautiful Macintosh. It's one of the newest models. It's loaded to the hilt because he does so much of his advertising work at home.
While he was out we had three outages with 3 surges as power came back. I had turned my computer off not realizing his was still on. And, of course, it happened. He is terribly distraught because he's having to go back to scratch where he can and build into it the system for OS9, go through all the upgrades until he reaches the OSX10.2 that he was using.
I'll tell you this waiting is driving me crazy.
At one of the shelters here in Miami NBC videotaped people talking to one of the directors of emergency shelters. They had a camer on both the people at the shelter and the director. Two of the questions they asked the director is the same question he heard over and over again:
"I'm supposed to be at a meeting by 11 am. Can't I just leave and go to the airport to get my plane?"
"I left things at home that I need. Can't I just leave and come back when the storm hits?"
People get silly when they're scared to death! Many of the people in the shelters have been there since Wedsnday afternoon. That's when the news was urging them to go there right away because the shelters might be too full if they go later. This has been too long wait for the people in the shelters.
As for me, I've had a very close friend since I was a little girl. And I know He'll keep His arms around me throughout, no matter how things turn out.

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I never gave Florida and hurricanes any thought, being here in Texas. We can drive inland a couple of hundred miles and get away from the worst. Now having a very dear friend in Melborne, and talking with her daily I now have a much higher concern for the whole state of Florida. There just isn't anywhere to go except north west to Alabama. And there are just not enough roads to carry everyone. My friend and her family have gone to Tampa to get away from the brunt of the winds, but it looks to me as though it is still going to be rough there.
Your long time friend will take care of you, and my friend too. God bless.
aunt joyce, i just wanted to let you know that you have been on my mind all day. you, and all of florida right now are in my prayers!

You be careful Aunt Joyce. It looks like you're in good hands!
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