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I think that 90hp will be enough.

I fish off of a 24' DLX which has a 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke on it, and it has plenty of power. The max rating for the 21' (DLX) is 115hp, but 90 should be adequate.

Overall the best thing you can say about CS is that they are versital. They make a no frills boat that has a strong following. The bad thing is that they are not really great at anything. They run shallow, are rugged as hell and are well built, but they will beat the hell out of you in any kind of chop. The new DLX models are much drier than their predecesors though. You will love the gas mileage. The 24 has a ton of room. The 21' is plenty roomy as well. It is primarily a good inshore boat but with a ton of flotation and a fair amount of freeboard, I take it offshore as well.

I have talked to several guys who have not problems taking their skiffs 40miles offshore, but I am quite a bit more conservative than that. I never venture more than 25-30 miles offshore and only on the best of days. Like any bay boat, you really have to be careful and keep your eyes on the horizon. It is a flat boat, so it will pound you in the chop. I have taken it offshore in 2 foot seas with some 3' mixed in, and it was ok. Pounded a bit, was making about 10-12mph only. I had people sitting in front of the console and they were miserable, but I was ok behind the helm. The good part is that it is very stable on anchor. It will not roll too much like some deep v's will. There is a ton of deck space in the front of the boat as well and that comes in handy when tossing a green ling in the boat.

Overall, the C Skiff is a good boat. It is very handy.

The worst thing about the boat is slow speed handling. At slow speeds it handles like a washtub. This really comes in handy when you are trying to drive it onto a trailer in a cross-current or hard cross-wind.

Good luck.
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