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i recently sold my 16ft skiff. the boat is as solid as they get. now for the 90 horse on the 21ft. i think it'll be underpowered. mine had a 40hp yamaha. loved the motor. your going 5 more feet plus a wider beam. the dealer tried to sell me a 25hp motor, i wanted as close to max as i could get. the 40 hp still had alittle trouble loaded getting on plane. cant imagine what the poor sap with a 25hp has to deal with. love the boat, i want wanna them 28 foot skiffs, man they are huge. consider the motor bro. 90 might be to small. run the boat and see, i know thats a pain most of the time. i know several people who have bought boats with recommended engines only to say later that they are really upset with the boat. the motor makes the deal.
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