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We had been seeing a lot of ducks on our place since the snow/freeze. We set up where we had been seeing the birds on our scouting trips. Got in the layouts 10 minutes before LST and hoped for the thick fog would lift. Right at shooting time we have 2 ducks lite out of nowhere. We decided to let them sit and wait for a big flight. Well the fog was so thick we couldn't see them until it was too late. The first big flight landed to the west of our decoys probably about 20 birds. After that, most of the ducks kept scooting further and further to the west. We started taking singles here and there all morning. The smart thing would have been to pick up and move west. So I did, too little too late. On my return to the layouts, I noticed one of the blinds was not brushed properly and glowing like a yellow beacon! Reminder to self: Make sure the people you hunt with have their **** together and brushed blinds! We had tons of birds flying all morning. We ended up shooting 12 birds (nothing good). We did see more ducks Saturday than we have seen all year. A ton of Widgeon and Gadwalls. Just got to slick em a little better next time.

We decided to make a trip up north to Cody's place Centerville, to chase mallards. Once again, FOG! We got in the mud boat and made our way out in some thick fog. We dropped the guys off where we planned on hunting so they could set up decoys and get our guns and blind bags hung in the buck brush. I was in charge of hiding the boat. After the march in the boggy bottom from the boat to the area which was 150+ yrds away easy (Fat boy was out of breath), I notice flights of teal buzzing hard and fast. I go to get my gun loaded and guess what, NO BLIND BAG. The guys left it in a tree 50 yards away. I march back to the area where we hung the gear right at shooting time. As I am tromping through the boogy stuff, Teal are all over me as well as the guys. Yes, I could have borrowed some shells but I had everything I needed in the bag (calls, face mask etc). So as I get back from another death march, I am gasping for some air the guys start whacking the teal. I finally get my gun loaded and joined in the fun. It was fast and furious early but again, the fog really got us. The fast flying teal were on us before we could see them. The big ducks never really came out to play. We ended the day moving 3 different time and shooting a few Mallards, Teal, Woodies, and Gads. All in all, it was a fun shoot. Fat boy needs to lose some weith and get in shape. Those boggy bottoms will hurt you!!!

Happy hunting. Back at them on Tuesday.


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