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One Tough Hombre

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This was sent to me. This guy is tougher than me!


Any of you ever had your kid set a Gamakatsu hook
in the ole scrotum sack?

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest I might be the toughest mofo out there.

We were fishing this past Thursday, and I had just pulled my son's line out of the water and handed him the pole. You fish for Sockeye Salmon with nothing more than a flasher and a bare red Gamakatsu #2 hook. I was going to change him to a double hook set up, and without realizing it, he had allowed the hook to rest in my lap. I got up to grab my tackle box and that's when I felt it!

OUCH! I said as a sharp pain ascended from my groin region in route to my brain. I was hooked, and not just in my shorts. I pulled back my shorts and could see the red shank of the hook departing the fabric of my shorts, only to disappear back into the fleshy folds of my scrotum. I begged my son to hold his pole as still as he could while I pulled some slack from his reel to ease the pressure on my snagged scrotum. The barb entered the left side of my scrotum, missed the testicle, and managed to hook into my scrotum without coming out.

Fearing that a fine day of fishing would come to an end, and faced with the knowledge of having to trailer my boat with a bare hook embedded in my scrotum, instead of electing to go to the hospital, I pursued my second option.

I grabbed some ice from the cooler and after cutting away the fabric from my shorts, I held the ice against my scrotum where the hook had penetrated. I then told my son to grab my needle nose pliers. on the shank end of the hook, I cut off the end containing the eye so that I could slide the hook smoothly through the hole. Problem is I had to create a exit route. Since I did't want to start cutting my scrotum with a knife, I decided to push the hook through one more layer of skin so that the sharp end of the hook was protruding from my scrotum as opposed to being buried in it.

With the sharp end of the hook located, I placed the cork handle of one of my salmon poles against the skin of my scrotum to offer some resistance for the sharp end of the hook to push against. So, with testicals sufficiently numb, I pushed the hook back out throught the skin of my scrotum and into the cork handle of the fishing pole. With the "eye" cut off, I then pulled the fishing pole up and away from my scrotum, pulling the hook completely through my scrotum.

With my son present, I didn't utter one fowl word. But the grimmacing and concerned look on my face undoubtedly betrayed the pain I felt. None the less, my son now thinks I'm the toughest man alive. Gotta admit, I do feel pretty tough after enduring that one.
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Another reason why not to use treble hooks. Just the though of a Top Dog or Rattle Trap in that neighborhood brings tears.
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