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Old Salts???? where ya at?

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man, it's been years. And i mean Years!!!!! sitting here and for some unknown reason this site popped into my head. Googled it and here it is..... somehow logged in! joined 19 years ago. and i think that it may be earlier than that.... i rejoined after some sort of site failure...so it was before that originally. who is still around from the OLD DAYS? Looked at a few posts and didn't recognize any names. I'm talking the old school 2 coolfishing, the TKF days and the "lawyerscenter" site days before that. dang...been a while..
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I was on the W M I forum before 2cool started up. I was on 2cool from the beginning but under a different user name. Stopped posting for a few years and when I came back my login no longer worked so I started this account.
we are still hanging on, welcome back
Facebook pretty much killed many of the old forums from long ago, but a lot of people are still kickin'. Mont sold the board a decade ago, and then he decided to start a new forum similar to this one and a lot of people have migrated that way as the new owners here seem to have taken a disinterest in keeping this one up to date (namely keeping out spam etc). But it's still a great site, and all the old info is still there if you know how to look.
As stated, been here not as long as some but as long/longer than others. Really miss the site before the most recent changes. Very little is the same.
I’m still here. Sure miss the good old days of 2cool.
Just logged in today for the first time in ages, and see this. So Hai!

Oh, and also, anyone know how to edit signatures these days? I can't seem to find it. Sig probably is a sign of how long it has been since I have hung out here... LOL
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Anybody remember Crawfords Marina at Surfside, I ran charter boat there starting in 1960. Also the Poco
Bueno for many years.
I wish we had as much traffic here as we used to. Used to have some great convos. Still do from time to time. Also, hadn't thought of the plank walkers in a while.
it got very political a few years ago and I believe a lot of people were run off-this is a fishing site not a great place to argue politics, regardless of your views
I'm old, and I don't get salty near as much as I'd like, but the memories are all there.
I'm old and kinda salty, nice to see some of the legends posts!
Wow Mike, I was the same way today. Had a few minutes to kill and just popped in for a minute.

Not sure how long I've been on 2-cool but it is has been since the "yellow Board" days that's for sure. I'm in DFW area now so do not get to the coast much to fish anymore, I hung the trout rods for Crappie rods it seems.


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Probably not as long as some of you, but I feel like I have barnacles growing on my hull…does that count?
I'm still kick'in.
I don’t visit TTMB much, but I had to say welcome back, and add that I’m old, sometimes salty too. And been on 2 cool for a while.
2cool is still a good place to get some interesting conversations going about fishing and get fishing information in general. Whether you are a novice or very advanced.
I have benefited from being a member in many ways.
Meeting great people and advancing my guide business at the same time.
I have friends/customers who have been fishing with me for fifteen years.
Been here 18 years and still mostly lurking, but really enjoy both sites.
Been here since the beginning of TTMB, just don't post much any more.
I have more salt in my veins than on my skin lately...
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