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Since me and my family are going on vacation in the relative area that i took my first saltwater trip I thought i would share!! I was 4 years old when we went to panama city, Florida My dad and Me set out with a guide!! While they were catching bait in the harbor I was throwing a pink bucktail jig!! I caught 5 specks before my dad made me put the rod up!! The fish I caught then were released!! When we finnaly got to the spot we got the first fish on and the guide handed the rod to me!! I was afraid of the fighting fish!! I soon warmed up and caught 2 limits of mackrael for me and my dad!! The next day the guide showed me how to cast a spinning rod! We caught our limit again!! We had 3 days scheduled but on the 3rd I was so tired I could not get out of the bed!! When you are 4 years old and getting up at 4 in the morning it takes it out of you!! Thanks dad for taking me fishing and lighting the flame by doing that you started a monster fire!!lol.lol..lol. Love you dad!! I was holding the fish to high in my face in the first one!!


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