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I just had 90% of a fishing report done for a 3 day trip to freeport and I got throw offline. Let's start again. I just move into the apartment in Plano and and thrill to be back in Texas. Not as close to the coast as I wanted, but the job is good and a heck of alot closer than Vegas! I hope to hear from you folks in the DFW area, I remember hearing that you meet at BPS every once in awhile - let me know when. Lookin forward to meeting you folks with the addiction to the BIG BLUE.

Okay, back to the fishing reports I was almost done [email protected][email protected]

Took the bay boat out to the end of the jetties and worked our way out about 1/2 mile off the freeport side. Dropped anchor and dropped some squid and shad to the bottom looking for some bull reds. The bite was on immediately, problem was it was giant gafftop. Still alot of fun for someone who has been in Vegas for the last 2 years. After about an hour the big reds found us. 4 fish to 42 inches and at least 4 broke off on the bay tackle. One was at least 50 inches and the biggest red I have ever see - I say this because we had just released 2 40 inchers when she came to the boat. The shoulders on that girl were huge - circle hook pulled right out! Still a great day considering we got a late start and had a newbie to salt on the boat. His 42 incher was a personal best by about 35 lbs and 35 inches over that white bass he caught last year. Total 4 bull reds and about 20 or 30 5+lb gafftop.

I don't know who went out that day, but rough and wet!! I know I tend to guess on the big side but I swear there were some honest 6' and 7'. We beat our way out to about 16 miles. Oh, by the way not the bay boat, a 34 foot express. We had a hardy crew, no one sick and everyone ready to drop a line. We drifted off the rig and the kings were there. All nice sized, no smokers, but no broom stick either. Fished about 3 hours for 16 kings landed to 28 lbs. Cooking up some of my famous (in my own mind) kingfish jerky tomorrow. Glad to get off the water, it just built all day.

What a difference a day makes. I had planned on going back to Dallas, but a charter boat capt friend needed a deckhand. We had the pleasure of taking out 2 Dads and 4 kids - ages 9 to 15. The kids were great. The gulf was almost flat, building to about 2 to 3 by 1:00 on the way in. The fish of the day belonged to the youngest. 18lb dog snapper on a drift line! The folks were form the Roanoke area here in DFW and own a restuarant and offered me the best bottle of wine in the house if I want to drop by - got to take them up on that. The day ended with 12 dog snapper - all nice, 2 8lbers and one 18 lber and 4 nice kings to 23lbs. Best part of the trip was when one of the Dads came up to me and informed me that this was a personal best fish for everyone one the boat!! Both Dads caught kings in the 20 pound class and the kids all had a nice dog snapper. Funniest part of the trip - "these sharks are trying to eat my snapper" Not sharks - nice ling, we caught the two small ones (33 inchers) and could never get the big boy to take a bait. We could have free gaffed the mother at least 3 times as he would follow a bait in. You could pet him if you wanted to!

Late report

Hope to meet you DFW folks soon!

Andy Carter
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