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OK Guys and Gals! Last Price Drop on our Trailblazer!

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Sorry for spamming the main board, but I've lowered the price of our Trailblazer quite a bit since my last post! If anyone is looking for a great SUV at $3500 below book value, check it out!!


Besides, I'd kind of like to "have to" deliver it to Houston and hang with my fellow TTMBers on the beach one weekend! ;)
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Thanks, Trudy! It's a great vehicle and someone is going to get a terrific deal! And I might get back to H-Town for a weekend on the beach! ;)
LOL @ Bobby! I haven't heard anything about it. I must've been up in the mountains! ;)
Haven't tried any fly-fishing yet, but I plan to soon! I'm willing to accept a partial trade, but no higher than $5k. I doubt you'd want to sell your for that!
I see a bunch of them up here. You want to buy a Trailblazer? ;)
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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