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I have an important question to ask.

Below is me and Arthur. (Everyone by now MUST know who "Arthur" [of Camelot] is. I know I've gushed all about him ever since he entered this, his "kingdom" in 2002.)

He's a Yorkey Terrier mix.

Arthur is my constant companion. As day be day I'm less and less able to leave my bed, without assistance, he's stays at my side. We play fetch with my tossing his "squeeky ball" over my head into the living room. He loves that most.

When I'm resting or sleeping at nightime Arthur comes and puts his head on the pillow next to mine. Sometimes he nuzzles my right arm to get me to lay on my left side and put my arm around him.We often sleep that way.

He's stayed with me through chemo when I was so sick I made everybody miserable I'm sure. But not Arthur! And, the short periods I can sit at the computer he tries to get me to go back and lay down. Like this morning. He knows that when I change from my slippers to my loafers that I'm a bit more lively and probably can play with him.

Like this morning, for instance. I was answering posts on my Aunt Joyce's Message Board that Mont created for me. After waiting patiently for an hour Arthur went away then came back with one of my loafers and dropped it by my feet. When I didn't say anything Arthur went away again and this time came back with both of ours favorite toy, his white squeeky ball.

So, of course I went to lay down and toss the ball for a while.


Arthur has recently turned 3 yrs. old.

Saturday my son Eric took Arthur to his vet for his shots and a nail trim. The vet said Arthur was due to have his teeth cleaned so Eric made an appointment for next Saturday.

Arthur has gone through this before.
No food or water after midnight. That's because he's given anethesia for the teeth cleaning.

When the same vet did this before, when he was a little over 1 yr. old, Arthur acted like a sick pup afterwards. All he did was sleep until the next day.

I truly do not have a good feeling about Arthur being given anethesia.

Can I get some opinions on this?

Thanks. I really have great respect the TTMB gang...that's why I'm asking!

Below the two of us where you'll usually find us.


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First, I'd call and ask the vet who will be doing the cleaning what sort of anethesia he will be using, as well as asking questions like what sort of after affects it will or may have on Arthur. Then I'd research the drug on the internet, as well as calling other vets and talking with them about the subject. I'm not sure what they use for anethesia, but animals are put under every day, and do fine. They are, of coarse, more sensitive to this sort of thing, especially smaller dogs like Arthur. Thats all i can suggest at the moment, hope it helps.

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