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Got an invite to go offshore on Tuesday and what a blast. Got to go on a 38' Fountain (Team Nortorious), and WOW, what a ride. That thing can fly. Left the GYB and in 25 minutes we were fishing. Caught numerous sharks and 3 ling, my personal best of 70 lbs., and numerous kings and some snapper. Snappers were hard to come by. We were fishing some unmarked wrecks in 65 feet of water and you could see the bottom. The water was so blue and you could see all kinds of fish. The wreck was neat also. Here is some pics.


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kurt68 said:
Dang, I didn't know that they pay out the top 5 spots. Is this true? If it is, it felt like I just got kicked in the gut.
You might as well start kicking your self...

I weighed a 51# in yesterday to slip in second place.

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