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Let Me Know!!!

I will take you guys. You guys pay for Ice bait and fuel and we will go. I go out of Port Aransas and have a 27' center consol bayhawk with a 9' beam and a 200 Mercury on it right now (we are trying to sell the Mercury and get a 4 stroke motor for it sometime this summer). Takes 5 guys somewhat comfortable. I have pictures of the back of the boat in the classified board if you want to get an ideal of what the boat is like.
I fish long and hard, we will be one of the first boats out, and one of the last boats in. If you get sick, it is a long day out there. I have my captains license and have been fishing the Port A area for the last 15 years.
I do not drink beer while underway and prefer that my crew does not either. Let me know if you have any other questions.
My right hand guy (Stan) will be part of the crew also, he is a dang good deck hand and is strong in the area's I am weak.
Hope this helps.
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