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Broke the jetties around 4:30. Started out at straight 5 footers but did ease up a bit after 10 or so miles. 3-5 all morning and 20 knot winds made for some careful manuevering around the cockpit and bridge. SPI Big-Game Club finally had their first tournament day of the season. Very little to report. The total catch was a 68 lb. yellowfin and 2-20 lb wahoos. We had 2 wahoo bites. One bit the swivel and 'off with the lure she goes.' Scratch one Joe Yee. The other was on for 5-10 minutes before it finally slipped the hook. I saw the strike and it looked like a decent sized wahoo, but who knows. Seas calmed way down at 12:30. They were 2-3 coming in. Finally, some time to relax during the run. Still, lots of fun. Next club day is 3-4 July.
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