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Planned on heading deep last Friday with some lurkers in their Grady. Radar phone calls with Bayduck weren't looking very promising so we stayed inshore and jacked around at the near shore rigs. Kings, sharks, macks, some huge skipjacks and a decent ling lost at the boat on a trout rig. Not what we had in mind but certainly better than working. As the day wore on we decided to anchor at the jetties, set out some baits and have a beer. More small sharks, macks, etc. About an hour later things became interesting. Greg had his trout spinner in a rod holder with a ribbon drifting out the back. It starts singing and Jeremy picks it up and the fight is on. Twenty minutes later a 5+ feet bull shark (pic attached.. we may be wrong) is alongside the boat. It's not ready to give up and Jeremy, wearing sandals, has his feet locked under the toe rail. The shark makes another lunge, pulls out about 20 feet of line, and Jeremy's feet slip out of the sandals. His waist is now over the gunnel and his head is almost in the water. Greg and I grab his shorts and the casual conversation went something like this:

Greg: "Whoa"
Me: "Whoa"
Greg:"I think he's going over"
Me: "His head is underwater"
Greg: "Whoa"
Me: "Let him go"

With that, the shark lunges again and Jeremy slides overboard. He pops up, rod in hand, with some very wide eyes. For a split second we are silent and stunned, then we start laughing. Greg takes the rod, Jeremy swims to the back, climbs in, finishes the fight and we release the shark.

The more I think about it the funnier it gets.



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