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Cleared the jetties at 7:00, which is a little later than usual since we had a little bit of boat problems at the beginning.Stopped at a rig on the way out trying to catch some blue runners but only managed to catch 4.We made a hufe mistake because we got impatient and thought we would still catch blue runners out in deeper water.Boy were we wrong!Went to a rig at 40 miles thta had provided us alot of success in the past.This time it didn't produce anything with a main reason being that the current was TOO strong and drifting our baits too far back from the rig.Went to the upwind side of the rig and tried putting a live blue runner out and sure enough the current took it striaght into the platform and broke off the line WITH one of our blue runners lost.Decided to go to a different rig and try once again.After only a few minutes of being there, something had hit the pole with the blu runner.Reel it in hoping it is an AJ but find it to be a big barracuda.Get another hit on the blue runner after the pole being out for a FEW SECONDS and bring it up to be another BARRACUDA.I tell you what.......I learned today that those barracuda LOVE live bait hehe.However, we left the rig since we didn't want to waste our blue runners on barracuda.Went to yet another rig and tried our LAST blue runner.Had a huge hit on that blue runner after a amount of time.It dove quickly for that strucure but we just added 100 lb test on our poles so that fish would have a hard time breaking off!After a hard fight I bring it up to be a 32.5 lb AJ!This is our biggest AJ caught to date and hopefully it will only become better.The worst part of this trip is we go looking for more blue runners after this catch but have absolutely no luck at any of the deep rigs.We start heading in and stop at one of the shallow rigs to try for blue runner just for experimental purposes.Sure enough,we caught them no problem!Too bad we were on the way in and it was the late in the day though!We had a great day of fishing though with three great fidh caught on the blue runners.Just out of curiosity,I'm guessing that blue runners don't go to deeper water rigs and liek to stay in close correct?I mean where do blue runners hang out?Hopefully yall can help fisherman!
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