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Offshore Galveston...Snapper, Grouper, AJ,Ling and almost a Wahooooooooo

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Launched out of Galveston earlier this week on Bigbite with Captain Glenn Cook , Bigstick (Dale), and myself. Luckily managed to pick up a few piggies at Texas City. The ride out was a little bumpy, but manageable. First stop was at a rig for hardtails. We managed to catch a couple dozen so it was on to deeper water. Our next two stops only produced two nice snapper 10-15 lb range and one nice keeper Ling. Our destination for the day was the clay piles and assorted rocks in area so we moved further out. On the fifth stop of the day, we found some Grouper. I was lucky enough to catch a Warsaw which weighed 65lbs the day after. What a beast! It was fifteen minutes of the most intense tug of war I've ever had. Bigstick pulled about a 45 lb AJ and another really nice Ling up and Captain Cook caught a Warsaw that we estimated at 15-20 lbs before release. Glenn also caught several Rockhind Grouper and one Snowy Grouper off the same rock. After the dust settled, we decided to troll the clay pile area for a shot at a Wahoo. After trolling for approximately an hour, the Wahoo bomb I had out got slammed. I know all you guys have told me how fast a Wahoo can dump a reel, but I had no idea. I lost 3/4 of my line in what seemed like, the blink of an eye. If you're dumb enough to put your thumb on the spool, you'll pay the price. I'm attaching a photo that I hope shows what I mean. Shortly after the first run, the Wahoo pulled off. I think I was using too big of a hook in the Wahoo bomb to get it buried deep enough. Oh well - lesson learned. Final tally for the day - 2 Warsaw Grouper to 65 lbs one released, 2 Ling to 35 lbs, 3 Amberjack to 40 lbs, 2 Red Snapper to 15 lbs, 1 Mangrove Snapper - 7 lbs and 2 small Rockhind Grouper. Overall it was a great day with friends and the fishing and learning were excellent! Thanks Glenn for a great trip and thanks Dale for all the help. Later! Baker


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Great report as asual from the Bigbite. I saw that the boat was missing when I left for work and figured it was gonna be a great trip. I know what you mean abot the hoo's. We had a 33 pounder last weekend during the TKA tournament. It surprised us all since we were only 30 miles out. We thouhgt we had a big king on, after the 45 minute fight, it came to the side of the boat all lit up. That is a big ***** grouper in that pic. Glad yall had a safe trip.[the blister will heal lol]
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