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Yesterday (8/28) looked to be the best day for the weekend, weather wise. We left the ramp at around 6:40 and headed offshore. On the way out we had to keep an eye out for storms in the gulf. We headed out to HI 179a and tied up. We had problems with triggers eating the drift baits. I jigged the bottom and caught and undersize snapper. After a while of frustration with the drift baits my dad starts jigging too. He brought up an undersize ling and a keeper snapper. A squall moved in after this and we had to get the raincoats on. The highlight was watching lightning hit the microwave tower on the rig, it was a little scary though. The squall blew off and another boat came to join us they began trolling and I saw them catch what looked like a smallish king. We began trolling shortly afterwards with some yo-zuri’s. Didn’t catch anything but weeds. I wanted to head out to GA 209 but the weather was rapidly deteriorating. Some storms were building to the NW, which was the direction we had to go back if we wanted to leave. This is where fishing offshore in an 18 foot boat has its disadvantages. We headed back in a ways to GA 151 where two shrimpers were tied up. We trolled around them and them ran up to the back of one and chummed a bit. Immediately a nice little ling shows up to eat our chum. Unfortunately, a big black tip had to run off with my bait so we had to chase it down. After we came back the boats were dead. That was a little disappointing. We headed E over to HI 154 next. We bump trolled around the rig. There was a LOT of bait in the water. Big schools of hardtails were everywhere. It was like looking into an aquarium with lots of spadefish, triggers, and some mangrove snapper too. We hooked up soon after starting with a big Bo Bo and a small sharpnose. The next troll around the rig produced a gathering of slightly undersize ling. For a while I was hand feeding them chum, none of them made 37” though. After messing around with that for a while we resumed trolling. Nothing, except pesky sharpnose. We headed in after that because while the wind had calmed, the storms were building fast. We stopped at a shrimper about 4 miles out but there were no sharks around him. Wasn’t a great day but we had fun, its good to get out on the gulf again. I think the lack of current really killed the king fishing for us. Lately we’ve been catching some good ones up to 49”. Maybe next time.

Tight lines,
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