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Headed out of Galveston again yesterday. Broke the Jetties around 12:30pm with my brother-in-law Nicky. It was a little bumpy so I changed course so I wasn't going head on to the seas. Went to the 98L rig about 10 miles off Bolivar. Didn't get anything there so we moved on out. Second stop it was non stop shark action as soon as we got there. Caught and released the first one about 4' then while trying to unhook the second one almost 4' I got a little careless and got bit, so in the box he went. I figure since he bit me I’m gonna have to bite him. LOL! It wasn't real serious but enough to make the rest of the day a little uncomfortable. Caught several more then decided to put floats on the Ribbon fish to keep them on top. That seemed to be the ticket cause then it was Kings on. While I was still trying to stop the bleeding from that d*#m shark, Nicky was steadily catching Kings to about 25lbs. We boated three good sized kings around 15#s and released about 5 more. Went back where I fished the other day and boated 1 around 20#s and released a couple more. Ended the day with our 2 man limit of Kings and 1 shark. Not bad for three hours of fishing. Attached are a couple of pics.

1:Nicky with a small shark
2:Nicky with one of his Kings
3:Nicky with another King
4:One of my Kings
5:Total catch
6:What not to do while unhooking a shark


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