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Went offshore this Thursday with a crew of my brother and a couple relatives. We were looking for weedlines to troll up some dolphin. Nothing until we found a popcorn fart of a weedline at 35 miles. We trolled for a while with nothing to show but 2 solid schooly dolphin at 4-5 lbs and 2 bonita (which went into the bucket for snapper bait). From there we bumped out to a couple of wrecks at 30-34 miles out and grinded out a few barely keeper snaps. Moved a few miles south to a Rik J spot and finished out 3 limits of keeper snappers (nothing big, just keepers). Had a decent Ling swim up to the bote and he was hungry (and 39 inches) so into the box he went. Caught 4 kings and boxed them. Left them biting. Surfed Home at 30 mph and cleaned fish. All in all, a nice day. Final tally; 16 snapper, 1 ling, 2 dolphin, 4 kings

Water was a little choppy Thursday, in the 2-3 foot range with small intervals and smoothed out a bit later in the day. Not much to speak of in terms of weedlines.

Here is a pic of some of the snapper as well as the ling, dolphin and kings:

Here is


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