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Made it out on Monday for some Mahi and Ling fishing, and came home with a smorgasboard of snapper and a real nice grouper. Saw the most dramatic color changes ever with a brown to a green then to a beautiful deep blue at about 25 miles. With the blue water and shrimp boats all over, we were excited to get into the Mahi. Much to our despair, we couldn't buy a single Mahi or ling, not even a sighting, so we shifted gears and dropped down for some snapper. Too bad we didn't have a bunch of kids on board, because each drop resulted in a different kind of snapper and one real nice grouper.

To add to the fun we had to fend off the smartest dolphin I had ever seen in an attempt to save the couple of undersized red snapper that we brought up. He would hang out about 50 yards away while we caught all kinds of fish, but once we caught an undersized red, he was at our side like Lassie. Again, I wish we had some kids with us today, we ended up playing quite the cat and mouse game with that dolphin.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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