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Offshore Freeport, 9/18

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Took a fun trip saturday with a crew that shall remain nameless because his sponsor would frown on him fishing out of a contender a month after he won SKA Division 8 in another brand of boat. Headed south out of Freeport, hit a wreck in 180 ft of water, and picked up two ajs (25 and 45 lbs) and one keeper ling on live bar jacks. Hit a shrimpboat about a mile away, and boxed ~20 super chickens in the 3-6 lb class, and one nice little bull about 15 lbs. Saw one blackfin at this shrimp boat. Hit another wreck in 200', and it looked like the dead sea, nothing, nada, zip. Picked up about 10 more nice chickens off the weather buoy, and one more ling off a shrimper. Worked hard to pick up a three man limit of snaps to round out the day, with the biggest going 10 lbs and most being between 6 and 8 lbs. Beautiful day on the water, and actually had a McGolfer sighting at about 8 am, but didn't think it was him because he was "going the wrong way" to get to freeport, but after reading his post, he ran to A28. I would have called you on the vhf, but didn't think it was you, rick. Oh yeah, the #$%^&^ sharks are still everywhere on the snapper rocks. We must have caught 30 of em.
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