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Had a charter to run Saturday, so off we went in search of the usual suspects (ajs, kings, snaps). Hit some rocks in 160 feet, and squeaked out 4 ajs to 30 lbs after two hours, they just have been hit or miss any shallower than 250 foot the past couple of weeks. Managed a couple of kingfish from the same area. I did toss a couple of jumbo hardtails to Casey on the Cool Sea, and he headed into 400 ft of water (I really didn't want to run that far for one aj). Well, he calls me on the VHF to say the hardtail produced a whopper of an aj (87 lbs, to be exact), oh, well.(the pic of that fish, and the lady angler is up on the capt. elliott's web site www.deep-sea-fishing.com). Started hitting EVERYTHING for a snapper, and nothing but sharks, sharks, and more @#$^&^$ sharks. Picked up one nice 30 lb. ling on a shrimp boat, and finally found some snaps in 140 ft of water. Managed a 5 person limit of nice snapper, 6-12lbs, on 5 oz. bucktail jigs with sardines. Final tally, 20 snaps, 4 ajs, 5 kings, and one ling. Oh yeah, a limit of sharpnose sharks with about a million released. Hopefully the hurricane will suck all the sharks out of the area and push some snapper in.
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