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Hit the jetties at 7am with Richard and Rickey and a newbie, Michael. Headed towards Salvadore. Nice size storm was in our way so rather than run through or around it we drifted a shrimp boat to pass the time. Picked up one king. After 25-30 minutes headed on towards original destination. After letting storm pass, seas were relatively flat. Stopped at a weedline at 40nm and picked up several chickens and one nice 10 pound bull. Plus bait and half a dozen sharks. Headed on to Salvadores only to find a charter boat beat us to the spot. Oh well, we set out a chum line and drifted and boated six kings. Headed out to other spots nearby hoping for something other than kings. All we could manage were another six or so kings and another six or so sharks. We hit sharks everywhere, with or without chumming. We were using live bait hoping for AJs but the sharks would inhale them first.

Not a great report but better than work and the seas were great all day. Plus, the newbie didn't get sick so maybe I have another mate in the making.
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