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Made a run out of Freeport yesterday in hopes of catching a slick day only to find some pretty choppy seas. Tried heading to German Charlies but got tired of the beating so we headed more Southwest to make it a little easier. On board was Scott (wishin4fishin) Pete and Roland. We were looking for some good bottom structure but with the change in direction all we could do was rig hop and only made it out to about 23 miles. Hit several rigs with not much happening and then finally Scott hooked into a decent Snapper on a live piggy. I followed with a nice keeper Ling and then Scott gets another Snapper. Roland was feeling a little on the green side and didn't do much fishing but I got to hand it to him, he held tough and never did start chumming. Well after several more stops we did manage to box 6 Red Snapper, I think the count was 7 Cubera Snapper. Headed in and hit a couple more rigs in search of some more ling and I was determined to get Roland his first King. Well at last stop about 14 miles from the Jetty I threw out a ribbon and it was nailed immeditately and I hand the rod to Roland, as he's fighting it Scott yells Ling and it's a big one. I scramble to get Scott his ling rod and as soon as his bait hits the water Mr. Ling nails it. Now were fighting a King and a Ling and trying to get off the rig so this big Ling doesn't get into it. After some scrambling we get the King in and finally get Scotts big Ling. We didn't weigh anything but we guessed it to be about 45 lbs. I had a great time considering the fairly choppy seas with some great company and a good box of fish. I'll be eating some grilled Ling tonight.

1.The Motley crew
2.Rolands first King
3.Scotts big Ling
4.Scotts & my Ling
5.A welcomed visitor
6.The days Snapper


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