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Nice Report

Boomer said:
Richard, Barron, Tim and I headed out of Kirby around 6:30am Sunday morning. Seas were dead flat, finally. Headed to Salvadores. Shrimp boats were everywhere at 25nm but we did not stop. Weren't interested in kings and it wasn't deep enough for tuna. Hit a pretty good weedline/rip about 1.5nm from Salvadores. Stopped for bait. Two big dolphin show up right away and one hits Barron's bait rig (Curado and trout rod). He managed to fight him for awhile but once he got under the weeds he broke us off. We ended up catching the other bull. Decided to troll the rip to see what else was home. Flying fish were everywhere. We instantly got hit by a small wahoo, in the box. Lines back out and pick up three more decent sized dolphin and lose another hoo. Then the front blew through. Strong north winds broke up the weedline quickly and the seas picked up and were very choppy. Decided to see if we could catch some on deep drops but the wind was blowing too strong. Headed back towards the 37s and by then the wind had calmed down. Drifting, we catch three AJs (two in the box), one king (C&Rd), one snap and one beeliner along with the obligatory triggers and a few large blue runners. Hit a shrimper on the way in but noone was home. Seas were flat for the ride in. Finally, a nice day on the water. Now I need some sleep. Will post pics later. Tight lines.
We got out of Kirby's a little later than you and stopped at that first weed line as well as the first crowd of shrimpers (nada) and then headed on past German Charlies towards Salvadore but stopped short due to the the bad looking front. Glad you didn't have problems with it. We managed a limit of nice snaps, an undersized AJ (C&Rd) and several nice kings before heading in. Camera didn't work (da*g it) so no pics this trip. Seas were nice heading back in and the water is starting to look great. Only saw one log on this trip near the jetties. Summer is finally here yall.
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