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speckle-catcher said:
it's not that I forgot it had been posted twice before.

it had. twice. on the bluewater board.

I had never seen it - apparently several other people had not as well.

you were right. are you happy now? good.

my take on it was that it didn't matter if it had been posted 15 times - it was not like some of the same jokes and I-net stories that get recycled here time and again. I can think of one particular "funny email" that was deleted perhaps 10 times. when it gets to be that many - it gets old.

you of all people have no right to criticize what anyone posts or reposts. Go back to the jungle and CNP more stuff from CNN. I went back and cleaned up the thread to take out the petty BS, but you brought it back up - so here you go.
I was not criticizing anyone, if you read the orginal post he ask if It had been post before. It has and that all I stated. And I will post here and jungle if you dont mind!
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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