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Am I the only one who found it odd that:

1) FEMA directed folks to their website for information right after the storm. The Internet? For Pete's sake, we were listening to this in the dark on a battery powered radio.

2) Folks were asking how to get FEMA checks for things like generators on online forums (even in my neighborhood, a nice acreage subdivision of new, big homes). Heck, these folks have MONEY.

3) There were so many folks after the storm were desperate for food and water. What? Wasn't there time to get ready BEFORE the storm? We filled out bathtubs to flush the toilets, filled water bottles and jugs with potable water and stocked up on canned goods and gas for the generator. And we ALWAYS have a supply of batteries on hand.

4) Why do they need volunteers to man the POD's? Aren't there like 500 people standing around in every photo I saw?

5) Why do news outlets focus on the whiners and ne're do-wells? How about a news crews showing our neighbors out with saws the morning of the storm clearing driveways? How about the neighbor who got a pumpout truck and cleared aerobic septic tanks for folks all week (or the neighbor who went around with a generator to hook up the tanks so they could pump themselves out). A friend of mine and I went out in the eye of the storm to make sure our water plant was working. He checked the wells for floodwater and I opened up a valve to give us an emergency supply to keep the pressure up. I actually had a guy complain about "someone" tracking through his yard during the storm and "messing up his grass". That was me, making sure he had WATER.

6) How about the neighbors who BOUGHT ice and gave to folks to old or sick to get out on their own?

7) Folks can be so unappreciative. I had a neighbor (I think, this was weeks ago). who told me he and his BBQ team cooked 30 big briskets for Gustav evacuees, then drove them out to one of the shelters after that storm. He said the evacuees were upset and told him that they didn't want any more "stupid brisket", that they were sick of eating it and that they wanted something better, maybe some seafood or some stuffed pork chops. He said the crowd was ugly enough that it made him nervous and glad to leave. He left that center, called around and found a church that would distribute the briskets and vowed, "never again.".

Just curious. Am I getting cynical in my old age?
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