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Team and I headed down to Sargent Thurs. to fish Fri and in the Tuttles Tournament Sat. Friday we slept in and left the cut around 10:00am. Bounced around the 30 40 mile mark finding lots Snaps, Dolphin (chicks and one to 10lbs), and bait. Sat. we all met up at Tuttles and started are day heading to the 27's lots of smaller kings, had 4 on while we were there several times. As we were drifting we manage 2 short of a 4 man limit of snaps between 17" and 20". Caught two under sized ling and two dolphin. Left and headed to a wreck to the west but it had two boats on it so I headed South to some more rocks. Talked to BEER4BAIT on the radio and he mentioned he caught some nice AJ's at the A19's so we reeled up and headed in that direction. we ran across a weed line about 2 miles long and 20' deep. Idled up to catch some bait and two nice Dolphin and one big Ling. After several attempts to pull them up I rig up to troll. set out two CD18's B/P and Dolphin color. Went down the line and turned to go in the other direction when the Port rod went off. At first we all thought we caught one of the two Dolphin we spotted earlier but soon we saw a lit up Wahoo. The first for me and my crew. Lots of high five's going around! Yes he is small but still wears he's stripes like all of them!

Like others have said:
Thanks to Mark, Kelly and Tuttles for all their Time and Efforts putting on a great Tournament!!!

Please ID the other Fish pic at the bottom:



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A Who is still a Who !!!!!

good job

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